Ideas Interior Home Design Simple, Tiny and Cute

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ideas interior home design simple, tiny and cute. This could be your inspiration playhouse. I agree that the idea of ​​the design of this house looks very neat though simple. you'll see a small kitchen design but looks very neat and clean. makes you feel comfortable to linger to indulge in the kitchen.

Small-kitchen-desig- is-minimalist-and-clean
Small kitchen design  is minimalist and clean

If you go on into the house, the room looks very harmonious relaxed with bookshelves that look into the wall room divider. How bookshelf placement like this is certainly a very brilliant idea for a small house.

Design living room with bookshelves
The interior design of the room is very simple

The bedroom looks beautiful with a wise placement so that it remains visible area. you can see the unique design money for a child's bed, which was placed at the top. For another bed terraced Kuga is designed to save space.

Practical bedroom design for small house

Kids bedroom design for small home
See also the bathroom design, just put the property as needed. Yet still looks comfortable and beautiful. 
The idea of a practical placement bathtub 1

The idea of a practical placement bathtub 2
As well as pages that could be used as a family event.

Large yard for family gatherings

The side of the house

Terrace design is very simple

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