The Largest Indoor Beach in the World

Friday, November 23, 2012

Indoor beach site is located country germany. This facility can you make one where you are traveling, even for your honeymoon. In this area the facilities provided are very complete. not only the space to play and the beach only, here also comes with a water park, restaurant, hotel, spa, and others.

It's sunny indoors: The tropical island paradise in in Brandenburg, Germany is inside a building so big it could easily fit eight football pitches

Bored with the beach? A spa, waterfall, whirlpools and water slides are just a few of the attractions inside the old airship hange.

Blue skies (if you don't look up): A basic board sells the illusion of a horizon, although there's no effort to hide the rest of the roof.

Lots of room for a slide: Youngsters (and adults) can enjoy the fun of the multi-coloured slides that tower over the the 'beach' of the dome.

Artificial tan: Beach-goers enjoy the sun, sand and sea during their visit to the countryside.

Somewhere for dinner? The restaurants offer a view of the beach, rainforest, and ... a roof.

Time for a drink? A nightclub-style bar keeps the cocktails flowing, but sadly there's no view of the stars from the terrace.

The bedrooms inside the wooden cabins allow visitors to stay overnight - under two roofs.

Under the dome: Restaurants and even umbrellas help complete the illusion - and not a cloud in sight.

The indoor tropics: There is even room for a hot air balloon (seen at the back of this image) in the indoor holiday island.

Paradise lost (but you might find it indoors): The tropical island boasts an air temperature of 26C, with not a cloud in sight.

Not a cloud in sight: Inside the paradise there is the world's biggest indoor 'rainforest', which features over 50,000 plants and spans over a 10,000 metre square are.

'Beach resort': Fountains surround the little palaces, where you can stay overnight if it takes your fancy.

View from the outside: The dome used to be a hangar for aircraft but now, although you might not think it, it contains a whole other world
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