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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Sliding door are smart solutions to make your home look different. many advantages to be had if you put a sliding door for a particular room in your home or even your office. Sliding door can save space, you do not need to provide space for opening door, walls need only be the size of door and it will not bother you, all the walls of the room would have enough for that.

The sliding door looks attractive because of its design is also very much interesting and unique. Ranging from wood, glass, metal and combination of them to form a harmony and beauty of form.







Sliding door to the rooms are quite small also can be made from materials that are not used like an old barn door, stable door, any door that is not used anymore. You can just clean it up and paint it back neatly and slide door looks very beautiful.



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nygatesus said...

Sliding doors are an evolution from the traditional hinged doors. They are set in tracks and open sideways. They have a number of advantages and benefits that you may find just right for your home.

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Sandra Ludwig said...

I don't know why, but sliding doors have a distinct look that it can be the statement/accent piece to any room. Sliding doors are just a beauty on its own. It even makes a room look bigger, maybe because of the floor-to-ceiling length it has. For me, it creates an undivided access from one room to another that a normal door can't.

Sandra Ludwig

LG Hausys(India) said...

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