Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan

Friday, November 23, 2012

Unique home remodeling ideas offers a seductive design, elegant, fantastic, and accommodates any architectural creativity. The interior design looks limited, but if you enter more then you will find a surprising hidden interior design. 

Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan curved shape like a cloud is a very interesting idea to show the advantages of unique home remodeling. Mansion was covered by exterior design that results from unique home remodeling project. From a distance, this house looks natural because the wood is very prominent material for exterior and interior design. 

This Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan concept of unique home remodeling is amazing. The house is designed with a curved shape. Exterior appearance of the house was incredible. Exterior design of this house to cover what is in the deeper part. The structure was made using a simple barrel vault system covered with wood panels inside to connect floors, walls and ceilings like a gun’s barrel shooting South to capture broad day light. Exterior appearance of the house is supported by a modern pool design. 

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