Laundry Room Cabinets For Small Room

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Placement laundry room is usually small enough space, especially for homes that are small enough. For houses have a wide enough space so of course this does not mean a problem for you, a lot of options you can do. In this case claimed to be more selective in choosing a cabinet for laundry room. The aim of course for your own convenience. for that you can meliaht some example pictures can help you to choose a suitable cabinet placed in your laundry room.

Do not need a big place, enough to give only block divider between the dining room and kitchen. you can put a simple laundy cabinet.


But if your room is not blocked, you need a little cabinet greater laundy to not leave too big space between the ceiling and your cabinet.


If you no longer enough space for laundy room, you can place the laundry room under the stairs of your house, this special home has two floors. Suitable cupboard is a cupboard to hang clothes and equipment wash only abused one side, the other side just for storage laundy machine. Should you see a long ladder, do not reach your panjangatangga memebih laundy cabinet. It looks bad!



Laundry room that can not be given a cabinet, you are not confused, you can use that stainless shelves enough to hang. To avoid boredom, you can color the walls around your laundry space with bright colors like blue, yellow, red, etc.

Laundry-Room-cabinets with-blue-walls

Giving bright colors can also be applied to your laundy cabinets.


Or maybe you prefer the natural look, you can select the decorate the cabinets in your laundry room with a touch of color wooden base. This makes the atmosphere back to ancient times


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