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Friday, December 21, 2012

A small house measuring 15 square meters is made of straw. The concept comes from the shepherd life around him. By staying in a place like this, it may be able to improve relations with the inhabitants of the natural environment.

The house was named Ecologic Pavilion designed by Studio 1984. Located in Alsace, France, this house is a building experiment.

Ecologic Pavilion was originally built for Archi <20 Festivale de l'Architecture in September 2011 and then in Muttersholtz, Alsace, France. The design structure of the house is completely inspired construction technology owned by local traditional communities. In fact, the straw house is also the raw material comes from local materials.

In addition to hay, house building is also made ​​of wood and iron plates for the help Bois2boo and Scierie Friederich. To reduce the effect of the state of nature, the house is also equipped with a foundation in the form of six acacia wood pile. The structure itself is made of wood frame.

Having already established a wood frame, straw rolls and then pasted on the exterior of the home to provide insulation protection. The roof is made of tin. Connections are cut by hand and made by Braun.

The house is very tiny is inspired from traditional barns and built using materials available in the home environment. Material used to function as carbon storage. In addition, this house also has a natural ventilation through doors, windows and openings in the roof.

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daydreamskelli said...

How do you keep it from molding a friend asked me?? this is awesome by the way!

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