Creating Aesthetics Bricks Instant Ways

Friday, December 21, 2012

Appearance of exposed brick in the interior of the building is able to provide a unique impression. Exposed brick that was once a popular choice in homes and buildings in the era of the 1900's will not only give an impression and rustic character, but also presents an impression of industrial, a little accent Victorian neo-gothic.

In those days, exposed brick be a far cheaper and more efficient. It's no longer just reducing costs, the use of brick exposed now also be an aesthetic choice.

Since only useful as "eye candy", featuring exposed brick is not only derived from the use of the original brick. Make sure in one square meter at least 60 bricks.

Use a spatula to "tear down" the paint on the wall. In addition to using the original bricks, you can also use a layer of brick tiles. Today, wallpaper is available that mimic the texture of a brick. With the texture and color resemble brick, with instant way, you will have exposed brick walls in your home attractive.

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