Solutions for Old Furniture

Monday, December 3, 2012

Recycling is an important part of the decor. One item in the decoration that can be recycled is furniture. Recycling furniture is one powerful solution and there are many ways to recycle your old furniture.

1. donation

If you are still confused what to do with your old furniture, donate it to a certain place may be an advanced solution. Because, sometimes, you feel pity to throw it away, then this can be done. For example, donating to organizations or institutions such as orphanages or something.

2. sale

Garage sale, in this way becomes a powerful step. You do not have to bother to offer to a lot of places. Simply put your old furniture on the porch and if anyone is interested. What is good is not it?

3. Decorating Birthday

There is no harm in giving a second life to your old furniture. In fact, by giving him the opportunity once again, to provide design and something unique if processed correctly.

Remember, if the old furniture is just a little worn or need to re-paint, in fact you can use it again. For example, an old table. Try to repaint and repair the damaged side. Besides changing the look, you also save costs.

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