Villa Sapi, An Exotic Touch On the island of Lombok, Indonesia

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The resort and the villas International classy scattered coastal areas exotic beaches of Indonesia. Generally, these villas is precisely a foreign subscriptions, not tourists in the country.

One of the villas that look beautiful and unique on the coast is Villa Sapi in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This villa was designed by Canadian architect, David Lombardi. Uniquely, this villa is not shaped like a "simple beach house".

Instead of resembling beachfront villa in general, this villa look different. The building has a modern-style structure, but apart from "cubic design" conventional.

Colors in this villa also tend to live and lively as it consists of red, lime green, and black. The interior harness sweet mixture between the use of bamboo, water kaskad, and conceptual art.

You can find several elements that can add comfort in this place, from the decorative fish pond, to the beautiful state of nature, including the "expanse" sky blue sea and Lombok. Apparently, the shape of the villa is a reflection of the perception of the architect of the Southeast Asia and the exotic beauty of Lombok.

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